Hey guys. I have been hitting the gym pretty hard lately trying to get a little healthier. I just had a few questions that I hope I could get answered. Sorry if they are dumb but I'm just starting to learn here. thanks in advance.

1. I am seeing great results in my legs and back. However my arms and chest seem to be pretty unaffected by my workouts. Could this mean that I am not doing something right or that I just need to change my workout? I have been doing the same routine for a little over a month now but I didn't think I would need to change it up that quickly. Overall I am very happy with my results elsewhere but it seem like my arms and chest are just moving alot slower that the rest of my body.

2.I am currently cutting on a diet of about 2000 cals a day. I can see a few inches lost here and there, but overall my weight is not changeing much. Is this normal or should I cut cals even more? Just to let you know I am 6'0 280 with a bf% somewhere around 30 (yeah I know big fatty).

3. WTF is a curl jockey and why is it so bad to be one? I do curls on my arm days and don't mind being called things I just want to know if I am either wasting my time or doing something detrimental to myself.

Thanks in advance for any info you guys can give. I really have gained a whole lot of information since I have starting browsing this forum.