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Thread: Eating Disorders: Did I stunt my growth as a stupid kid?

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    Eating Disorders: Did I stunt my growth as a stupid kid?

    Does anyone have experience with or knows any one that has had experience with eating disorders?

    Throughout middle school I was a skinny-fat kid. I have thin parents and thin brothers and I had a thin frame, I would just say that I was rather flabby because my diet had a lot of excess calories and junk food and I didn't exercise. I had always been really self concious about my appearance, and it was during late middle school that I got it in my head that my body had too much fat on it.

    By the begining of 9th grade I had actually begun to "take action" so too speak. At first you could call my actions healthy. I eliminated soda from my diet (I drank like 2 to 3 a day) and virtually all junk foods. It didn't stop there, however. As with most things in my life I became incredibly obsessive about dieting and losing weight. I cut back more and more and more. In retrospect I really had no idea how thin I was getting. By the winter of my 9th grade year I can remember that pretty much all I ate in a day was a small 6 inch sandwich/soda/baked chips from subway (every day) for lunch, MAYBE some soup when I got home, and a little bit of whatever my mom made for dinner. I went from around 150 pounds (at the end of 8th grade) to 110 or 115 pounds. I really had a skewed self image.

    I believe this "stint" of my life can pretty much be secluded to my 9th grade year, as in september to around June. That june I went and lived with my dad in my home town that summer and can distinctly remember eating stockpiles of food (partially due to the munchies, having discovered pot with my friends) and from then on my diet was relatively normal. The year following my diet was still pretty neurotic but no where near as calorie restrictive or insane as it was for those few months. I ate regularly and often ( but was still health concious. No junk food or soda) and was pretty much normal in terms of eating although I was still a very thin 10th grader at about 5'10 and 125 pounds.

    I began weight lifting and bodybuilding at the begining of 11th grade. That entire year was just filled with haphazard gym learning experiences and eating just about everything bolted to the floor. With the exception of a week long loss of appetite due to my mom's death in february of that year, I rocketed up the ladder and was about 150 pounds by that summer.

    I continue'd with the body building, learning more and more about proper form, routines, and diet. When I graduated from highschool I was 6 feet and about 175 pounds.

    It is now a year after I graduated from Highschool. There are many things about my past that I deeply regret, but nothing haunts me more than the fact that I might have possibly permantly ****ed my body up in some way by being an idiot as a 14-15 year old in 9th grade.

    As far as height is concerned, I am taller than my dad and older brother by about two inches, and am as tall as my half brother whose dad is, as far as I know, taller than my dad.

    Other than that, I feel pretty healthy. I am often told I am very muscular by friends and family, but it doesn't seem to help the issues that I have bottled up in side of me. I fret about my thin wrists and hands, sometimes convincing myself that they're syptomatic of growth stunting, but I know in my heart that its genetic as my two brothers have very delicate wrists and hands as well.

    So I guess my question is, what are the chances that I've severely damaged my frame growing up? What impacts on bodybuilding will this have?

    Thanks for your time.
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