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Thread: blood work - fish oils?

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    blood work - fish oils?

    im pretty unfamiliar with the body. with that said, i am 19 and am going in for blood work to get cholesterol and all that good stuff checked. i have been taking fish oils for ~year, but ran out a few days ago and wont get any before i get my blood checked, so ill be about 2 weeks without fish oils. will this have any affect on anything i am getting checked?
    just curious

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    Fish oils are just an easy source of Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for reduction of bad cholesterol(LDL's). If you really are worried about it, just up your intake of olive oil. Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fat which is also good for reduction of LDL's and possibly increasing good cholesterol (HDL's). You could also eat eggs which have omega 3 fatty acids as well. So as long as you don't increase your saturated fats a ton and don't take in any healthy fats, I think you'll be fine.
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