First off I would like to say that vista is hands down the worst, buggiest, ******-friendly operating system I have ever used in my life, if you considering upgrading - DON'T. windows 3.1 > vista

Like nearly all other programs that are incompatible/not fully compatible with vista I'm still having trouble getting limewire to work. When it goes to connect it sits there and never does. After a minute or to it fubars my wireless internet connection and I can't send or recieve data through any browswer or other program (yet it still says I'm connected). I have to close limewire, and manually disconnect from my network then reconnect (the stupid diagnose and repair will sit there all day).

I have no firewall on and have checked the vistas help forums and it seems that other people have got it working but I can't figure where I'm going wrong. Any other vista user/haters out there?