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Thread: Recovery from a herniated disc

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    Recovery from a herniated disc

    I recently herniated a disc in the lumbar region of my back. Since then I have been bed ridden and chock full o' drugs. I'm still running a course of prednisone for inflammation and seeing a chiropractor.

    Doctors aren't the best resource on how to ease back into strength training after an injury like that. Has anyone had to recover from this kind of injury before? I have no idea how to proceed other than to avoid my favorite lifts (i.e. squats, deads). I would assume some stretching would definitely help. I was thinking of throwing in some dips/pull-ups for spine decompression. I do not actually know if it's safe to roll my back out on a foam roller. I want to get back into my strength training very badly, but I want to do it right this time as opposed to any other time that I hurt myself.

    If anyone has any experiences and/or regimens I can use as a resource for this type of rehab, feel free to throw them in.

    EDIT: BW GHR's may also be an option for stretching and alleviating spinal compression, right?
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