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Thread: Leaning up and gaining muscle mass and stregnth

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    Leaning up and gaining muscle mass and stregnth

    Hey guys... i have gained alot of weight from lifting and eating. I am 6'6 and was 200lbs. Now 2 years later i got to 250lb, and decided it was time to cut up. I got to around 235 now, but would still like to get leaner, and see those 6-8 pack abs, and even more muscle definition. But also... i would like to try to get a little bigger muscular wise and stronger. I have never been the one to count protein, but i know that i NEVER got enough of what i needed. So now here is what i want to do, and i would like your opinion. I am going to up my protein, in terms of food and shakes, and plan on lifting 5 times a week, and cardio in the morning 3 times, plus some soccer. I was hoping that this would help me towards my goal. What do you guys think? Any good? Any other suggestions? Thanks

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    It is very hard (some say impossible) to gain muscle and loose fat at the same time. I think the best bet to achieve this is to eat a very clean diet while doing some HIIT. That way you can at least target some fat loss. The most efficient route may be to just run a cut while lifting hard/heavy with some HIIT. Then going from there.


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