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Thread: tasty steak and chicken soft tacos

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    tasty steak and chicken soft tacos

    first cook the steak or chicken...for the steak a new york strip is good and for chicken just regular chicken breast...Heat skillet on medium heat...for this example, lets say its steak. Cut the strip in small cubes, throwing away excess fat. Put about a tablespoon olive oil on the skillet and place steak on it...After a minute or two start turning with a spatula....once most of meat is turning brown pour a little lemon juice, red vinegar, and a small amount of butter on top and keep turning...also add minced dried onion, wet,minced garlic out of a jar, pepper and keep turning, after a couple minutes turn heat up to medium-high and add a cap full of soy sauce and keep turning...once done, set aside...

    Now chop the veggies: big, juicy vine-ripen tomatoes, white onions, and green onions...The amount to chop depends on the number of soft tacos you are making...If you chop more than needed, just save for the next time...

    Now, you need soft tortillas...turn the stove to medium/high heat and then heat both sides of the tortilla for 20 seconds...tortilla should be very warm but not over heated...

    Now, its time to create your soft taco. I feel that the order of ingriedients (sp.?) is important...spoon the meat onto the tortilla...then add taco sauce or hot sauce or whatever sauce you add the white onions, then shredded cheddar cheese, then green leafy lettuce, then the chopped tomatoes, and finally sour cream onto one of the flaps...Now fold the tortilla so it looks sort of like a burrito. You might use one hand at one of the ends to hold the taco and keep the filling from coming out...I've made these 5 times in the last 2 days and haven't had much trouble with the filling coming out...practice makes perfect...

    a good way to cook the chicken is to make a merinade consisting on olive oil, minced wet garlic, dry minced onion, brown sugar, dijon spicy mustard, teryaki sauce, soy sauce, lemon juce, black pepper, etc... and soaking the chicken in it for several hours and then cooking them on a grill at a low temperature...

    these tacos are the sh$t and you can make them a lot of different ways...

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    Sounds tasty so i will have to give these a try this weekend.
    Thanks for the tips!

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