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Thread: how do u find lean body mass

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    how do u find lean body mass

    I'm looking for the formula (or a calculator) to find my lean body weight and can't find one. Just wondering if anyone knew one.
    height - 5'9
    weight - 190
    age - 17

    +april testing results+
    bench - 305
    dead - 500
    squat - 550
    clean - 265

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    I don't know if one actually exists but at the very least you'll need to know your BF %. Most people just use there BF% to estimate LBM.
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    It's quite easy, really. Like junior high mathematics or earlier.

    Find your bodyfat percentage (easiest method is bodyfat calipers). Weigh yourself. Multiply the bodyfat percentage to your weight. Subtract that number from your weight. There's your lean body mass.
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    so I found out my lean body mass, at what % BF will I stop looking like a lard ass? I don't know what to believe off of some of these sites. One said that for my height 5'6" I should weigh 128 lbs. I haven't weighd 128 since I was an underdeveloped high school freshman. I'm mostly just looking for a goal weight, something to base my progress on. I'm currently 201 with 21%BF(est)
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