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Thread: What would cause this?

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    What would cause this?

    You know how you can right click on the "My Computer" icon to check the system resources well my little brother is complaining about how the system resources percentage is always going up and down and my cousin put the idea in his head that we have a virus.So now my brother is blaming me saying Kazaa is the problem,but I've noticed no problem and I've been told that Kazaa is somewhat of a resources hog when you run it,that my explanation plus there could be a multitude of reasons.Also when you are d/l,deleting and adding programs it'll take up resources it just what happens when you own a computer.Tell me what you think

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    I've had alot of problems with Kazaa.............. everytime I try to run it everything freezes. So maybe I just need to reinstall it or something... but it's been a pain in my ass with the exception of the few times it chooses to cooperate and do something good.

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    it depends on how many programs you are running at the same time...


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