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Thread: Tingling in head

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    Tingling in head

    I keep feeling tingling sensations randomly in my head...I don't know what is causing this...It's been occuring for over a week randomly throughout the day. I made an appointment to see a Neurologist this week...Anyone have any ideas?

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    Im no doctor but I've felt something like that before. It was stress induced from work and it turned out I was haveing mini hyper ventalating sensions so the tingling was from a lack of oxygen. Hope this helps.

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    I was thinking stress related too since it started towards the end of the school year, when i have finals/projects...

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    Maybe stress? Fried nerves? Lack of sleep? Let us know what the doc says.
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    I think it may have something to do with what happened a while back...But I hope not...I was doing leg press and basically pushing soo hard and holding my breath (not breathing) that I hurt myself. I had headaches for 2 weeks whenever I did ANYTHING that even slightly exerted me. If I curled a 20lb db I would feel a throbbing headache come on. Took 2 weeks off, and it never came back. But it was scary.

    I'm thinking this may be stress related since finals/projects that are due this week have been taking a toll on me.

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