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Thread: Stretch Marks!!! YESS!!

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    Stretch Marks!!! YESS!!

    I just found my first stretch mark where my arm pit meets my arm and I must say Im excited as helll.....

    All those long hours and sessions have been paying offf!!!
    All that eating and grubbing!!

    Hell yeh!!

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    I hate the stretch marks on my arms, shoulders, legs and back... I really do.

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    why would you be excited about strechmarks?
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    I can relate. I used to love my stretch marks because they let me know I was growing. Now they're kind of unsightly. I have a group of them that extend for about 8-10inches along my arm and chest.

    I'd start using cocoa butter immediately if I were you.
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    That's weird. I gained almost 60 lbs in less than a year and never got stretch marks.
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    ^ You were probably a fatty.
    Peeps with higher bf% don't get them as much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hatred View Post
    ^ You were probably a fatty.
    Peeps with higher bf% don't get them as much.
    I got them when I was a fatty and getting fatter. Now they have shrunk and are all wrinkly. I'm hoping to stretch them out a bit with muscle this time... So far so good.
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    Dude... Trust me, you don't want stretch marks... Get big, but don't hope for stretch marks...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guido View Post
    That's weird. I gained almost 60 lbs in less than a year and never got stretch marks.
    Same, I went from 170->245 last year and got no stretch marks. I'm a consistent 225lbs now and bulking and I don't have a stretch mark to my name. I was always a skinny kid growing up, I think I just have naturally oil prone skin which has aided in retaining moisture and avoiding stetch marks as I grow. I'm happy with or without em' tho, as long as I'm big!
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    start using cocoa butter immediately, stretch marks are not good for anything.
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    I personally would be jacked up if i got stretch marks. It would be a reminder to me that all the hard work paid off and that I'm actually getting bigger.

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    I'm already coated in stretch marks from being a fatty, would love some new ones for the muscles to go over the ol wrinkly ones.

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    Hey, it's one of the first truly tangible signs that you're making good gains.

    Mixed blessing. Kinda like your first car payment on new car.

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    I'd rather not have them. Why would I want cosmetic flaws for all the cosmetic gains? Makes not sense, but sometimes it's a catch .22.
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    lol good analogy belial. i was same way; got really excited when i got them around my groin/top of quad from squats....but now they are kind of gross.

    i feel bad for you guys that get them where other people/babes can see them cause only other hard lifters will appreciate them.
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    OH NOES! Marks that prove I got bigger fast and made good progress!
    I'd wear mine proudly, but a display would get me arrested for public indecency, and I don't want to have to be a registered sex offender.

    Besides, We don't need flawless skin. That's for girls....who happen to like scars and such. Stretch on, skin.
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    Fat people get stretchmarks, they're nothing to be proud of.

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