Ok here's my dilemma. I went to my first allergy doctor about a year ago. He said I have allergies, based on their testing.

I go to a second allergy doctor that's much closer so I don't have to drive so far to start getting my allergy shots. I have my records faxed there, and he told me the testing was really bad, and they didn't test me for even a 1/4th of the things they would test me there for. I get 2nd testing done-he says I'm allergic to NOTHING. The 2nd doctor is in a much bigger city, and he's a really good doctor that came recommended. He told me I have a deviated septum, which I do-and that's probably the cause. He gave me a doc's number that did his sons deviated septum.

The problem I have is this: There's this nasal spray that I use called Zicam Extreme Congestion Relief. This **** is ****ing incredible. It's the ONLY thing that I can use that makes me breathe out of my nose normally. I mean the difference is unbelievable, night and day. It lasts for about 12 hours or so.

My question is this: If I don't have allergies, why would this nasal spray help so much? It says on the bottle "relieves nasal congestion due to cold, sinustis, hay fever, upper respiratory allergies, helps clear nasal passages, relieves sinus pressure". If my breathing problems were caused my a deviated septum, why would this nasal spray help so much? Any ideas?