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Thread: Maintaining strength while running track

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    Maintaining strength while running track

    Hello,I a run track and participate in some fast races that have to be taken seriously. The 4x8 and the 4x4. I need to maintain my muscle mass while running these calorie burning races. I try to lift before and after my workouts but i am usually drained afterwards. And i try not to lift the day before a meet(i really feel it when im sore). Today i benched 185 5x5. Are there any specific things that i can do to help me stay strong and not loose weight?

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    Not losing weight is a matter of eating enough. If you find yourself losing weight, eat more.

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    Hi. I run currently training for a marathon. I put in between 70-100 miles per week. You have to make sure you keep up the calories(4000-4500 for me).

    It's really hard to weight TRAIN during track season but not that hard to MAINTAIN muscle mass and strength. What I do is cut wayyy back on the volume of my lifting. From 5 sets to 3 from 4 days a week to 2 etc.. That and keep up your cals and you will not drop weight. The off season(for me after the marathon and recovery phase)is when you can up your lifting volume and gain strength. I find it better to even gain some extra mass if you could that way if you slim down a bit it's not going to kill you.

    If you run track than your season is probably 12 weeks long + 6-8 weeks prep phase that leaves you with the rest of the year to build a base-both aerobic and muscular strength. If you race X country than consider that extra conditioning. Maybe go easy on the legs during this time as the steep hills involved in X country act as resistance training in itself.

    FWIW- I lift on my hard workout days(or race days) after I run. Give yourself 4-6 hours recovery and you should lift OK. Lift on recovery days and you will not recover in time for your next workout or race.

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    Thanks for the advice. I will definitely cut back, like mentioned but its going to be hard seeing all my field friends lift everyday lol. I have usually been lifting on my recovery days(easy practices). But now i will set those days aside and just get rested.


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