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Thread: Getting an F6 Bench Shirt

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    Getting an F6 Bench Shirt

    Well, I finally decided to invest in a bench shirt and went with the F6. The plan is to start working lockout via 3,4, and maybe 5 boards and continuing most of my current bench training (back work,shoulders,etc). I will also bench w/the shirt once every 3-4 weeks. Any ideas in terms of getting the groove down and training for a shirted bench?
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    i learned the grove just by loading some weight on it and practicing reps, i havent got it to touch yet though

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    I got mine about 6 weeks ago and managed to get it to touch after 3 weeks and hit a solid rep on the 4th week. Keep your arch tight throughout and get a good spotter for when you dump it over your face.

    edit: In regards to training it all depends. The MM guys live in theirs while others don't use it nearly as much.
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    I would use it every other week until you get it to touch and learn the groove.

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    You will get better with practice. Do plenty of work in it, but don't neglect the other movements.
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    buy a belt to keep it tight if u havent got one yet.
    check out this link:

    the first time, you'll get major battle scars. 2nd time using it, you'll get used to it and figure your groove their on. i used my f6 about 6 times now and the only issue i have is keeping it tight. what i did was have a partner pull the shirt down (front + back) right before the lift.

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    Okay, could someone please please already tell me what a 'bench shirt' is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smooth23 View Post
    Okay, could someone please please already tell me what a 'bench shirt' is?

    Do some reading
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