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Thread: Confused on What to do

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    Confused on What to do

    I've been lifting seriously for a while now and I've recently started Built's Baby Got Back routine (2-3 months). Im trying to build. I'm about 200 pounds, 5'11 and im not sure what my body fat percentage is. Anyway, I have this layer of babyfat and it's really bothersome. I still wanna add some more mass however, so i'm kinda hesitant to do to much cardio to cut it down. Should i just keep adding muscle like i'm currently doing to get through it or should i get off that routine and slim down the body fat, then try to add muscle?


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    HIIT is your best bet to burn fat while trying to add size. Try running 20 second sprints then walking for 30-40 seconds and repeat 8-12 times...make sure your diet is in check too
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    everything in your post sounds like you want to keep building:
    "I'm trying to build"
    "I still want to add some more mass"
    "I'm kinda hesitant to do much cardio to cut it down:

    I think that's your answer. I don't think your heart would be in it to do a cut properly anyway.
    What's your waist size - hard to tell how much fat you even have on you to cut anyway based on height and weight.

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    Cardio won't lose fat, eating less will. Cardio is good for your lungs and heart, so if you're going to do it, do it for that reason. Remember that cardio doesn't really burn that many calories. If you're bulking and doing cardio, just have a couple glasses of milk when you get home and you'll have made up for it.
    I agree with the Pirate, though. It sounds like you need to decide on some goals first.

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    I burn 1000 calories when I do cardio. quite a lot imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dizzee View Post
    I burn 1000 calories when I do cardio. quite a lot imo.

    Haha, dude I burn 3000...

    dude bulk! Get on the see-food diet!

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    Bulk. It's more fun anyways.

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