So i had this idea, just wanted to run it by the community and get your thoughts...

I do WBBI except I only take 1 day off (hold off on the flamming)
Mon: Chest/Back
Tues: Legs
Weds: Shoulders/Tri/Bi
Thursday: off
Friday: Chest back
Sat: Legs
Sun: Shoulders/Tri/Bi

Since my leg work outs arn't that far apart, would it be bennificial to do single leg work outs i.e signle leg press (alternating legs of corse) single leg curl, single leg hack? Just a thought

Also, the reason I work out like this is because for my size i am very weak. I havn't worked out for about 4 years, so the weights I lift arn't really that heavy (i know thats a realative term) and I am just focusing on form.