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Thread: Lost in the sauce

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    Lost in the sauce

    Hello WBB, I'm new to this awesome site as a member, but have browsed for the last year or so. I have been weight training on and off for some time, high school sports, military, etc. but am now diving in head first to getting serious, big and lean. I have a lot of different questions in regards to the plethora of articles I have read throughout the web, and really hope all you enthusiasts are willing to take some time to set me straight, give me some advice, and welcome me to your family.

    First off, I am 26 yrs old, currently weigh in at a whopping 236, with a BF% in the upper 20s, maybe even lower 30s. My goal, like everyone here, is to get big and ripped. Preference would be to make small children cry when I walk into the room. I have posted a few pics, which lead me to my first question. Since I already have a higher BF%, should I start with a bulk or trim down first to see where I'm at and then add on? Second question, can anyone recommend any simple techniques to tracking my diet? I've listed my workout and general diet below. Any advice is greatly appreciated, and please be blunt. I'm not in good shape, so no need to sugarcoat anything with me.



    Squat; 4x6
    Str. Leg Deadlift; 4x6
    Calf Raise; 3x8
    Curls(various form); 3x8


    Flat or incline bench; 4x6
    Lat Pull-down; 4x6
    T-bar row; 4x6
    Shoulder press; 3x8
    Lateral Raises; 3x8
    Skull crushers; 3x8
    pushdowns; 3x8

    Cardio is usually 30-40 mins of low intensity with steep incline on treadmill


    morning/pre-workout; 3 egg white,1 whole egg omelette with broccoli

    post-workout; 1 can tuna wrapped whole wheat wrap, 1 c veggie, 2 hard boiled eggs

    mid-afternoon and evening: baked chicken breast, 1 c brown rice or plain baked potatoe, 1 c veggies, 1 c cottage cheese, and maybe a few hard boiled eggs.

    I do cheat more than I'd like to on the diet, but ya got to start somewhere right!
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    Good to see you have joined us as a member!

    If there is one piece of advice I think you should take and never forget is GET LEAN. Make that your number one priority and forget about anything else Get rid of any conflicting goals or actions.. Forget about size, forget about strength, forget about scaring small children. GET LEAN.

    GET LEAN first and then start to think about how to put on lean muscle mass.


    Firstly, you will feel AMAZING. You'll look in the mirror about 10 times a day because you'll love the fact that you don't have to worry about taking your top off.

    Secondly, the whole task of gaining muscle mass and strength is easier when you are lean. Its the perfect environment for gaining lean muscle mass.

    Its kind of taking a step back and then rebuilding from there and I cannot recommend it enough. I struggled with my training for 10 years and never looked in shape. Whats the point in going to the gym and putting all of this effort in if we can't take our tops off and look good? I went from 215lbs to 168lbs and since doing that everything is falling into place and I feel a lot better about the future.

    Is it easy? nope. You'll need to have the right plan and be consistent for probably 20 weeks or so.

    This article is a good one for shedding weight -

    In short - lift as usual, DO cardio and diet.

    If you follow HCT (training an diet) you'll also do very well!

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    Hypertrophy Cluster Training - HCT-12 - If you want big gains in size and strength, huge decreases in body fat, or both - check out HCT-12.

    Can I have some lean muscle & strength please? My Training Journal

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    Welcome to WBB there is some great people on here who will give you a lot of their time to help you personally, i joined over 5 years ago and have learnt so much in my time here

    Dan gives you some solid advice and I would totally agree with it as it's something i'm working towards now, for years i've trained and to be honest i'm dissapointed as i'm not as lean as I want to be (whats the point in busting your ass if you can't see it). The goal is sub 10% bf and I won't be happy until I get there.

    One goal at a time and be as deciated as you can and the results will follow
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    Height 6ft 1"
    Current Weight 200lbs

    200lbs @ 10%bf

    With a little from:
    WBB #1
    EC Stack
    Advice from WBB members

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    DavyRen - All around nice guy. Respectful to the end.

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    Thanks for the welcome and the advice guys. Dan; I'm going to run with the diet and training program in the "Greecian Portions" article and see where I'm at by the new year. So as it stands now, my goal is a target weight of 205. Not sure what kind of BF% that would put me at, but I do know it will be a hell of a lot better than it is now. Thanks again gents, and I look forward to discussing other topics with you guys here down the road.

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