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Thread: new and clueless?

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    new and clueless?

    hi, i bought a bench, barbell and dumbell set at the weekend and im looking for some guidance on where to get started. im a 19 year old male, about 6"3 and i weigh around 170pounds. Im aiming for a full body workout with big results. I dont really put weight on to easy so should i consider a weight gaining formula? also is creatine advisable?
    Can anyone offer me a workout plan? also any advice on diets and supplements would also be helpful , cheers

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    Well if your going to lift at home you might want to look into getting a squat rack also and you'll be pretty much set. I got my rack used at "Play It Again Sports" for $40.. best purchase I ever made. You also may want to get some kind of rubber pad or something for the floor for when you deadlift and stuff. As for routines and diet read these things...

    bench - 245 x 2
    squat - 315 x 5
    dl- 355 x 1
    goal - Bigger Faster Stronger

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    ^^Personally, I dont see any need for a squat rack. If he can find one cheap like you did, than sure grab it, but if you cant find anything under $100 I'd pass. Is there anything wrong with racking the bar on the bp?

    OP: Look at WBB #1 and Bill Star's 5x5

    Key things to remember throughout your entire lifting career are:

    1. Legs Back and Chest are the three most important (biggest) muscle groups, in that order.
    2. Deadlifts, Squats, and Bench are the three most important lifts, in that order.
    3. When gaining weight is your goal, what you eat is much more important than how you lift.

    Good Luck!


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