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Thread: raw oats

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    raw oats

    hey guys is there anything wrong with just sticking a cup of raw oats in the blender with a shake? or should i be cooking it first

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    Nope nothing wrong with it.

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    I grind my oats in a coffee grinder until it turns into a powder and then I throw it in my weight gain shakes. I also throw in two ounces of almonds in the coffee grinder (makes it into a brown sugar like consistency).
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    haha I just throw it in my shaker and shake. All the oats get stuck at the bottom but I don't care. I have to have oats in all my shakes it helps make my stomach not hurt from the olive oil.

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    Nothing wrong with it at all, but I would recommend blending it for as long as possible because it'll taste gross otherwise.

    Oh, and you might want to keep in mind that your bowel movements will probably become more frequent and gross haha.

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    heh ok cool

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    just try to grind it as fine as possible, last time i tried this i ended up chewing shards of oats. not so good..
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