I took 5th out of 8th competitors. I could have possibly had 3rd place, but I made some critical errors, being my first contest. Bodyweight was 190.

First Event: Truck pull w/ rope assist, 22,000 lbs

I took it slightly over 10 feet. Never tried this before, and that was the main error, I got 7th out of 8th on this one, and it totally ruined my overall score.

Second Event: Log Clean and Press (clean each rep) 160 lbs within 60 seconds

I managed 8 reps, which tied me for 2nd out of 8th. I had almost no warmup for this, I just pressed 95 lbs 3x on a bar and they're like "Alex Apostol you're up!" and I ran over and did it. I expected this one to be my best event, but I was surprised by the next one. Technically a PR, but I believe I could have done more if I had warmed up properly.

Third Event: Deadlift 335 lbs within 60 seconds

I managed 18 reps, which landed me 2nd place out of 8th. I doubled my PR last time I tried it in october (9 reps). I puked after this event (luckily not many noticed). I was QUITE pleased with this.

Fourth Event: Farmers hold 215 lbs per hand for time

I managed slightly over 40 seconds. This was average, nothing special, but still a PR for me. Not sure of the placing on this one.

Fifth Event: 140~ keg carry + 400 sled drag

This could have been my best event. The keg carry was a joke, I was sprinting with it. The sled drag, which I had never tried before, went VERY fast and I was zipping through it. But because of my inexperience with it, I slipped at the last 10 feet and sprained my ankle. I quickly got up to finish it, and managed 3rd place (based on what my friends told me) on this I believe. The falling down cost me a good 2-3 seconds, and it also cost me second place.

Once I gain some bodyweight and work on my truck pull, I will be at 2008 nationals in no time.

-Alex Apostol