After alot of thought and discussion from others I think im going to retire my powerlifting career.

I'm tired of the stress and what it's doing to my body, having to deal with injuries and watch my strength plummet is just too much for me in this stage in my life and it's not healthy to continue. I'm dealing with alot of shoulder, knee, and back problems that a 16 year old shouldn't.

Another major problem is calling yourself a powerlifting generally means you not concerned with anything other then a one rep max, i wan't functionally strength and not to have to second guess going for a run or hitting up the boxing gym without worrying about my carrer. I always figured powerlifting would get me into college and all and I'd be one of the best if I continued but maybe that can go into the future.

I will continue lifting, and lifting heavy to boot but i'm more concerned about being healthy and I don't think there is much good about powerlifting on the extreme level I was, you don't look good, don't feel good, and i'm finding out how little use my body has outside the gym. I don't need a 800 pound squat to look good, if im working 600 for reps im going to look alot better and be better off.

My new routine is going to follow something as this
I won't be going as crazy with weight so I won't be working with with anything other then 8-10 reps on any set. I'll be boxing 3x a week to for 6 hours total and that entails alot of cardio, bagwork, and ab conditioning