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Thread: Cutting weight routine

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    Cutting weight routine

    I have always been into lifting (6th grade football) and I have never really cared about cutting...normally if I wanted to strip the holiday "cheer" I would pick back up the sprinting (HIIT). I am 6'4'' 282 and my BF% is 21. I want it back to 12-14% But as I am getting older I noticed it is hard to shed the fat...
    ...with that being said, I need advice on what to do.
    I am going to a 3 day split, with intense HIIT on 2 off days and hill training very early on leg day (How to do cardio if you MUST).

    Is there a cutting sticky thread or overall article somewhere?

    For all those that have experience is there a routine that works best with cutting? BGB?

    I don't wanna get old tuttut
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    Sounds like you have a decent long as your 3 day split is set up decent. You may want to look into a full body routine while cutting, doing big full body and compound movements will burn more calories. And as always when cutting diet is the main factor.

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    I am really overwhelmed by my research...
    Anyone know/like crossfit routines?

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    I cut with BGB and How to do cardio if you must - that's why I wrote them to work together. On a cut, I keep BGB to the 5x5 and the 3x8, often doing the sets in antagonist pairs (set of back, rest, set of chest, rest ... ) and dropping the volume rather than the weights when I have to choose between the two. Ditch direct arm work if you like, or reduce it to just 2 or 3 short sets of a single exercise.

    This is by no means the only way to cut - but any method you use will likely have much in common with how I set it up: low-rep heavy compounds, very little to no accessory work, emphasis toward HIIT and away from SS cardio as the cut progresses.

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