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Thread: Benchpress numbers fall due to grip width and new soreness?

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    Benchpress numbers fall due to grip width and new soreness?

    Normally, I use a standard 45 lb bar for benches and always use the exact same grip width. For the moment, I do 245 lbs x 5,5,5. Well, on Monday, I had to get my workout in at home with my 20 lb curling bar. I loaded up 240 lbs and my grip width was slightly different. I didnt realize it at first, but because of the legnth of the bar, it was a tad closer Im guessing. Anyways, I only got 240 lbs x 5,4. The next day, my chest was sore which is not normal for me anymore.

    I was thinking I used less weight because of the change in grip width.. either focusing slightly more on my tri's or simply because of new neural adaptions.

    My question is, Is there any advantage to changing my grip width slightly? Im speaking in terms of hypertrophy and getting a higher bench since Ive sort of hit a stand still.
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    I guess since you changed grip width, your brain had to reconfigure the way it fires the muscles, and which muscles it decides to fire when. To your body, a different form could represent a completely different exercise completely. And since it hasn't acclimated to the new style yet, the soreness results from the same muscles acting in a new way.

    As for your REAL question, if this would help you in your progress via hypertrophy, well, I'll let a scientist (or more experienced lifter) answer that one. This post was simply to up my post count. And, funny enough, I theorized this same scenario and the so called "new soreness" while watching the Royals lose tonight at the ballpark.
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