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    Saturday 07.12.13 - Overhead Press Focus, Biceps

    The start of my journey to (hopefully) Military Press 100kg by New Year...

    Military Press
    30kg x 3
    40kg x 3
    50kg x 3
    60kg x 3

    70kg x 3
    77.5kg x 3...
    75kg x 3...just got the third, left elbow dropped a bit.

    Seated Overhead Rack Press (Pins set so I was pressing from upper arms parallel to floor)
    60kg x 1
    80kg x 4
    80kg x 4

    One Arm DB Snatch
    10kg x 1
    15kg x 1
    20kg x 1
    26kg x 1
    Gonna do these first from now on as a kind of explosive warmup/primer before the Military Press.

    Seated Unilateral DB Shoulder Press
    10kg x 5 per arm
    20kg x 5
    20kg x 5

    Ez-Bar Curls
    10kg x 8
    15kg x 8

    25kg x 8
    25kg x 8

    Unilateral Cable High Curl
    5kg x 12
    5kg x 12

    Close Grip BB Bench
    60kg x 3
    70kg x 3
    80kg x 3
    85kg x 3

    Rope Pushdowns
    10kg x 12
    10kg x 12

    Good session, glad I'm only doing it for 4 weeks though as I can see it burning me out really quick!
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