I recently bought myself a shirt, and after some advice frome here, and reading some other posts etc.. i decided to go for the Inzer Extra High Performance HD Blast.
My shirt
I gave my measurements, and i guess they custom made it. I added about half an inch to all the measurements given that i am a shirt newbie, and DAMN I'm glad i did. It takes me and a friend about 5 mins to put it on, which isn't too bad, and probably is as tight as it should be. Although, the pain it gives me at the back of my underarm is just not worth it.. It hurts a bit in most places, but its like someone wrenching my underarm hairs out with a pair of pliers!
I would just deal with this if it increased my bench dramatically, but its doesn't. I can only wear the shirt for 10 mins, then my arms start going funny colours and the pain behind my arm feels like i will need stitches..

Anyway, my raw max is about 315, and i can get the shirt to touch with 225. I benched 315 with the shirt, and it felt the same as 315 raw. I tried for 325 with the shirt, and couldn't get it!
I cant squeeze my shoulder blades together with the shirt, i think this may be a major cause, but surely it is the wrong cut for my body shape...??

Sorry for the long read, hopefully someone can give me some advice, maybe even a "Harden the **** up!" "We're all in eye watering pain!" but somehow it cant be normal..

Cheers guys..