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Thread: Dynamic Warmup/Mobility

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    Dynamic Warmup/Mobility

    Should I add/subtract anything to/from my current warm-up?

    I usually start by stretching any really tight parts...
    i.e. hamstrings are commonly tight, so I do standing/touch-my-toe stretches... I reach down, hold for 3 seconds while I flex my quads to slightly deepen, then go back up, shake my legs out quickly, and then repeat 4-6x total.

    Then I do:

    20 jumping jacks
    ~50m kareoka (the thing where you swivel your hips and run sideways)
    10 Left-Right-Left-Right, etc. boxing from normal and south paw stances
    10 Leg swings
    10 Arm circles, 10 reverse arm circles
    10 Sideways leg swings
    10 Broomstick Twists (no broomstick)
    10 Squats (where I fall into a deep stretch at the bottom and spring up)
    10 Shoulder Dislocates
    10 Walking Lunges
    10 chest pump things
    Overhead Squats with bar

    ..takes ~5 minutes... Then I usually start with a heavy exercise so I do a few warm-up sets with the weight.

    I'm trying to improve flexibility/coordination/mobility while avoiding joint problems and getting my body warm. I currently do this warm-up before my lifting, cardio, or "metcon" workouts.

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