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Thread: MMA/In particular grappling. (access only to freeweights)

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    MMA/In particular grappling. (access only to freeweights)

    My little knowledge of circuit training is that you perform continous exercise on varied muscle groups? Is it possible to create a free weights version of circuit training? I understand that this would not be as fluent as already prepared machines/equipment as I'd have to change weights contionously.

    My problem is I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Submission and my money goes mainly towards the club that unfortunately doesn't have a proper gym. I have a large amount of free weight equipment and for the last year or so I have been lifting "as a bodybuilder" which has not improved my strength and/or endurance as I intended.

    My goals are to improve strength and endurance. If there are any wrestlers/mma/martial artists out their I'd appreciate advice how you added weight training into your other regime. I currently train four days a week but due to University/Job issues I only train at best 3 days a week.

    Thanks in advance.

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    i would also suggest the crossfit program, several of my grappling buddies are on it. we train braz. jitsu as well and it keeps us in fairly good shape when rolling live.

    good luck
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    Crossfit is good but you want to tailor it to your sport. If you want to become better conditioned roll longer and harder. If you want specific conditioning that improves important qualities like explosive strength endurance then you'll want to pick your exercises, reps sets etc to meet this goal.

    One circuit I do for Judo and BJJ is this:

    1.Explosive barbell band deadlift: 3x8-10
    2.Explosive pikes with glider pads: 3x10
    3.Push ups on rings or cables: 3x10
    4. Diagonal cable chops: 3x10

    The first one is geared for pick up strength as I'm really good at shooting in on people and picking them up off the floor and throwing them.

    The second works on explosive hip strength and abdominal stability which is important in Judo.

    The third is for my pressing strength which allows the shoulders to really work overtime to stabilize the upper body. This is great for getting people off of you quickly when they pass your guard.

    The fourth is for throwing in Judo.
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    get a pull up bar and 100-200 lbs of sand if you're on the cheap.

    Sandbag training is as basic as it gets and provides killer functional strength and conditioning. Google it - you should be able to find how to make one and what kind of exercises you can do.
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