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Thread: New need help?

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    New need help?

    How is it going im new to this working out thing and have only been doing it with and experienced friend for the last 3 weeks. I have some questions about what we are doing.

    For starters i am 5'8 and 175-180lbs. I am not very strong except for in my legs from walking golf courses i guess. but i have a gut and kinda small man boobs lol.

    We work out in sets of 15(warm up) then 10,8,6
    Everyother week we powerlift sets of 6,5,4

    Our Routine is

    Wednesday-Shoulders Lats and Traps
    Thursday-Upper Leg and Butt
    Friday-Lower Leg and Chest again maybe

    I also take 2 protein shakes a day and use Creatine the kind you take imediatley after workout, got it from vitamine shop. Also add gultamine to shakes.

    My bench is low around 115 max probably. Just wondering how long till I get my bench to around 200? And when i will start to see muscle mass and will just working out and running a little help me lose fat or will i need a lot of cardio?

    I was also crazy sore for the first week but now im not really to much or not unbearable is this normal or am i not working out hard enough? i go really hard and sometimes just die so im sure thats not it
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    get your diet in order first and foremost. terrible routine. get on starting stength. do your cardio after your workout. i'd take creatine before your workouts.
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    The creatine i take is supposed to be good stuff.I have been eating right and we do cardio after every workout. What is a good routine? I just wanna get to a good size and be strong or atleast stronger than the average joe.

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    Starting Strength is where most people around here start out. There is a sticky at the top of the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChelseaFC View Post
    What is a good routine?.
    Start here:

    Then go here:
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    ok read the ss routine sounds good
    would it be ok to on tuesdays and thursdays to do hard cardio? Cause i wanna get bigger but not keep the fat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by backseatwitme13 View Post
    i'd take creatine before your workouts.
    I've read that you should take creatine after workouts, because it can dehydrate you during your workout if you take it beforehand. Is this correct?
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