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    Powerbuilding Journal

    Im currently trying to cut, done a pretty solid job so far. ive dropped about 10 lbs but my diet isnt in super check(beer drinking, munchies)but im working on that. i also work as a personal trainer (no certification) for a local gym.

    Current Stats

    19 yrs old (20 in July)
    WT- 198ish (210ish before cut)
    HT- 6'1
    BF%- i took it with my caliper and got 10% not sure tell me what you think???

    Current Lifts
    Squat- Around 300-315 havent maxed
    Deadlift- 405 have a pic too
    Bench- 350, just missed 365 last week
    Powerclean- 205 + pushpress
    Shrugs- 500 x 3

    Current Suplements

    Whey Protein
    Yellow Bullet Ephedra
    just finished first jug of N-O xplode

    heres a cologe thing

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