Heres my latest routine

Flat BB Bench 3x5
Decline Smith Bench 2x6-10
Incline Cable Flyes 2x6-10
Clean and Press 3x5
Seated Side DB Raises 2x6-10
Skullcrushers 3x5
Calf Press 3x5
Standing Calf Raises 2x6-10

BB Squats 3x5
ATF Hack Squats 2x6-10
Leg Extensions 2x6-10
SLDL 3x5
Leg Curls 2x6-10
Situps 3x5
Machine Crunches 2x6-10

Deadlifts 3x5
Good Mornings 2x6-10
Hammer Strength Row 2x6-10
Pulldowns 2x6-10
Cable Pullovers 2x6-10
Bent-Over DB Raises 2x6-10
BB Shrugs 2x6-10
Ez-Bar Curls 3x5

All excersises preceeded by warm-ups.

Now for my questions-
1.Is it worth doing the flyes or should i drop them seeing as the clean and presses hit my chest aswell.
2.Should i drop the pullovers and replace them with power cleans and if so should i drop good mornings seeing as the cleans hit lower back too?
3.Would i be undertraining my quads if i dropped the leg extensions?
4.Would it be worth adding another excersise for bis and tris or will that be enough seeing as they get worked in the compound movements.