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Thread: Baked potato filling (protein pack without supplements)

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    Baked potato filling (protein pack without supplements)

    100g Cottage Cheese
    75g Mild cheddar
    20ml of milk
    1 tin of tuna

    blend all in in the blender

    next boil rice and add to the the blended filling. Note do not blend rice and the product together the rice gives it a nice texture.

    You now have a really nice baked potatoe filling. I personally add lots of pepper for spice. You can eat it straight from the fridge... in fact it taste georg cold.. Im a really fussy eater but I must say this recipe is really nice!

    I have not worked out the nutritional content yet....
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    sounds excellent
    2000 or bust

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    I don't want to taste George cold. I don't care how good lookin he is.
    Sounds good. But can you tell me where I can find a place that sells Potatoes? Are these special?
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    Nice recipe

    Having one of these as I type. Tastes great. I made a few modifications though:
    Dropped the tuna to 3 oz.
    Since I'm using the potato, I eliminated the rice.

    The macros this way work out to:

    Calories: 339
    Fat: 4gm (I used fat free cheddar and lowfat cottage cheese)
    Saturated fat: 1gm
    Polyunsat: 1gm
    Monounsat: 2gm
    Carbs: 31gm
    Fiber: 3gm
    Protein: 43gm

    Nice little snack.

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