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Thread: Less Lifting And Strategic Eating For Hypertrophy

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    Less Lifting And Strategic Eating For Hypertrophy

    I've been way overtraining for a long time and eating to much, which ultimatley morphed me into the first skinny fat strong guy, at least in my gym and school.

    Currently Im 140lbs at 5'7 with 122 lean body mass, so I have 18lbs of fat. Everyone says im to light to cut so I'm going to bulk up. Im doing the zig zag diet.

    Which mean I will eat around 3k-4k cals for 2 weeks and drop it to 1.5k cals for 1 week and continue at that cycle. In that 1 week I will do no weights but alot of bodyweight exercises and cardio.

    anyway, Im going to bulk up to around 200lbs in 8 months, and hopefully I will gain at least around 30lbs of muscle.
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