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Thread: Crain Suits

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    Crain Suits

    Anyone ever trained with them? Heard of them?

    How do they compare to others - Titan, Inzer, Metal...
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    I've never even heard of them. Are they a new brand?
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    Crain (as in Rickey Dale Crain - famous PLer) suits and shirts sell pretty well in Japan. I've heard good things from some Japanese guys who use and swear by them.

    I've never tried them myself and I can't imagine they'd be better than Inzer or Titan, but who knows?
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    I have an old Crain DL suit. It is an ok DL suit. I can get a few pounds out of it.
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    His gear is actually pretty good. His bench shirt for a long time was really ahead of its time. Plus he is just a legend and knows his stuff.

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