I LOVE SLED DRAGGING more on that later though..

Squat Day

Parallel squats
250x3 (vid)

Front Squats
165x5 (vid)

Calf Raises
345x5 + 345x5 + 345x5

Good workout. I got 2 vids today just for form check. My legs were really pumped after this but me and my buddy decided to go do sled drags

Sled Dragging

90lbs x 140yards (full speed)
90lbs x 140yards (120yd full speed, 20yd walk)

Couldnt complete my last set. I felt like I was gonna throw up, was really dizzy and had to lay down. Next time I will bring a stop watch so we can time ourselves. I have to say sled dragging is one of the hardest things I have ever done running wise. I had to come home and just put the shower on and lay down for 20 minutes. I recommend dragging to EVERYONE no matter what your sport. I could hardly walk after this and I didnt even do that much, although it was after a heavy leg session. I'm gonna talk to anthony to see what he does during his sled dragging routines. I just cant get over how hard this **** was. Honestly it just goes to show how bad my cardio is.

What do you guys do as a sled dragging routine? We kinda just jumped right into it. Probably shoulda done some warmups with lighter weight but I figured I was already warmed up from my leg workout.