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Thread: Intermediate lifter looking for tips and oppinions

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    Intermediate lifter looking for tips and oppinions

    I have sighned up @ and followed previous instructions on how to gain weight( )
    Ive gained a few pounds and its looking good(any comments on diet or extra tips would be awsome) but now i need to pound out an organized gym routine for bulking.
    I like the Bill Stars's Routine but im not completly sure on how to do the sets. Do i do them one after another of them same excorsize or do i rotate through the exorcizes till im done? (ex. squat,squat,squat, then go to the next exercise OR squat,bench,barbell row rinse repeat)??
    Also on the reps should i push till failure or until i feel tired? (I have to find out my 5 rep maxes ect)
    I really like the "wannabebig Routine 2( and would prefer to do this routine but it seems to be less popular. What is your oppinion on the effectiveness of these 2 routines. (Im currently doing a full-body workout for 1.5 hrs every other day for the past few monthes, so im not sure which routine change will be more effective)

    Thanks for your help~!~
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    On the 5 x 5 you're supposed to go - squat, squat, squat, bench, bench, bench, etc.

    You should also be ramping up the weight so it should be something like this for benching - ex. 135x5, 155x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5 - this way the last two sets are really hard, and the first ones are just heavy warm ups. The next week you should try to add 5 lbs to each set, or if that's too much, 1 rep to your last set.

    Also, your testosterone drops significantly after about 70 minutes, so try not to work longer than that.
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