I've been bulking for years now. I'm up to about 180 at 6'0 and about 15% bodyfat (all of which seems to accumlate on my ass and lower back). I think I look pretty good, but I'm not blind to my jiggly ass and slight love handles. I bulked up to this weight with a pretty careless but not ridiculous diet with straight up NO cardio for the past 8 months or so. I've now cleaned up my diet IMMENSELY as well as cut my daily calories by about 3 to 500 a day. In addition to this I now jog 20-30 minutes three times a week. It's been two weeks now and I already feel and look a hell of a lot firmer, I haven't weighed myself but my lifts have either gone up or stayed the same. I was wondering if these minor changes were enough to not so much constitute as a cut (because im really not that fat at all) but more or less kind of gradually improve my BMI over time.