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Thread: Squat form issue

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    Squat form issue

    It'll be difficult to get serious help without video footage (I don't own a video camera), but I'll do my best to explain the problem anyways.

    It was pointed out to me the other day that when I break parallel on my full squats my upper back rounds slightly. I grabbed a broomstick and checked out myself in front of a mirror when I got home, and the guy was completely right. I think I need to keep my core tighter and pull back a bit more, but when I do this I can't break parallel.

    Is this likely a flexibility issue or is it something else? And, if it is a flexibility issue, what would be the best way to fix it (i.e. what exercises)?

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    These may have dealt w. different issues, but the way you would correct them would help back rounding issues.
    A child does not learn to squat from the top down. In other words, he does not suddenly make a conscious decision one day to squat. Actually, he is squatting one day and make the conscious decision to stand. Squatting precedes standing in the developmental sequence. This is the way a child's brain learns to use the body as the child develops movement patterns. Therefore, a child is probably crawling, rocks back into a squatting position with the back completely relaxed and the hips completely flexed, and stands when he has enough hip strength. This approach makes a lot of sense and can be applied to relearning the deep squat movement if it is lost. -Gray Cook
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    Maybe this article can help. I've read it numerous times and still suck at squats though ;(

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    I have this same problem, I just noticed this a little while ago, I'm trying to do the lower back strethes my physical therapist gave me a while back and its helping a little.
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