For those going into college, why did you pick the major you currently have. It doesn't really matter the reason although a "I don't know" isn't the response I'm looking for. Something like, it pays well or I really enjoy it etc. is better. The reason I ask is that for the longest time I had no clue what I would do with myself. I'm equally interested in psychology, biology, criminal justice, and athletic training. I decided against athletic training simply because it doesn't pay well and I would hate to have to work with idiot people the whole time. Like when they blame me for not losing weight yet they cheat on their diet. My uncle was interested in Biology and said that the job market is sketchy at times since you usually work from project to project (your work is usually funded by grants). Finally I chose against psychology because certain aspects of it are unbelievably depressing. Like, when you go through different mental disorders. That stuff sucks.

I chose criminology because the job market is strong. You always have people killing each other. The market is in high demand, the pay is pretty well once you get your degree and move up and finally I think their alot of injustices in the world that happen when they shouldn't. I also think catching the bad guys is cool

So list whatever major (s) interest you.