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Thread: "Lift Strong" CD Review

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    "Lift Strong" CD Review

    So I bought the Lift Strong CD from EliteFTS. The cost was 24.95 with no shipping costs. Figured even if it was crappy that at least my money was going to a good cause.

    I haven't read all the articles (~60), though I've read through a couple and glanced quickly at others. There are quite a few articles from some of the biggest names. Lyle McDonald has a training article, Mark Phillipi has an article that was written with Ed Coan. There is a mini book on coaching/training Olympic Lifts. There's also a pretty good article about the spine and keeping it healthy. Being a motivational as well as informative CD, there is of course a couple of non technical articles that provide more of an insight into gaining the right sort of mindset. So far I'm very happy with the purchase. It isn't going to have the effect that Starting Strength or Super Training has, but it is a good solid compilation of training literature. Some of the topics have some information that is kind of bland and along the "duh" lines, but it also has articles that are more specialized, such as training women with anemia. Overall a lot of good solid information in the bits and pieces I have read so far. Would recommend everybody, beginner and the more advanced lifter, to pick it up. Even if you're a know it all (we seem to have an abundant amount on this board) the money goes to a great cause.


    I went through and copy and pasted the titles so you can get a look at all the articles.

    1. Adam Campbell - How to Spot An Expert.pdf
    2. Alan Aragon - Nutrition for General Health Is Only As Complicated As You Make It.pdf
    3. Bill Hartman - Training Deficiencies for Increased Strength.pdf
    4. Bob Youngs - 7 Considerations for Goal Setting.pdf
    5. Brian Grasso - Art of Coaching.pdf
    6. Chad Waterbury - 369 Method.pdf
    7. Charles Staley Why I Don't Want To Power Clean.pdf
    8. Chris Mohr - Exercise for Cancer Patients.pdf
    9. Chris Shugart - Display Adaptability.pdf
    10. Craig Ballantyne - Fat Loss for Busy Men & Women.pdf
    11. Dan John - Training Programs Are Great.pdf
    12. Dave Tate - Back to the Future.pdf
    13. Dax Moy - Integrated Movement.pdf
    14. Doorman - Lifting the Training Veil.pdf
    15. Eric Cressey - Build the Athlete.pdf
    16. Gray Cook & Brett Jones - Safe Strength.pdf
    17. Harry Selkow - Quitting Is Not So Easy.pdf
    18. Jack Reape -Frequency.pdf
    19. James Smith - Considerations of Planning Training.pdf
    20. Jason C. Brown - Kettlebell Training for Sport.pdf
    21. Jason Ferruggia - Optimal vs Reality.pdf
    22. Jim - Smitty - Smith - COT.pdf
    23. Jimmy Smith - Management Post Breast Cancer.pdf
    24. Joe DeFranco - NFL Linebacker In-Season Strength Program.pdf
    25. Joe Dowdell - Recovery & Regeneration.pdf
    26. Joe Stankowski - Quest for the Golden Monkey.pdf
    27. John Alvino - Thermogenesis and Fat Loss.pdf
    28. John Berardi - Acid Base Nutrition.pdf
    29. Julia Ladewski - Pre-Season Basketball Training.pdf
    30. Keith Scott - Self Assessment.pdf
    31. Lee Taft - Olympic Style Lifting and explosive lifting mini-book.pdf
    32. Lori Incledon - Anemia and Athletic Women.pdf
    33. Lori Incledon - Scientific Approach to Changing Body Composition.pdf
    34. Lou Schuler - You'll Always Be A Busboy.pdf
    35. Lyle McDonald - Abbreviated Training.pdf
    36. Mark Phillipi - Ed Coan Program.pdf
    37. Michael Stare DC - Fundamentals of Optimal Spine Health.pdf
    38. Mike Boyle - The Lunge.pdf
    39. Mike Mahler- High Octane Cardio.pdf
    40. Mike Mejia - Hard Gaining Made Easy.pdf
    41. Mike Robertson - Goal Setting.pdf
    42. Mike Rousell - The Secret .pdf
    43. Nick Grantham - Combat Circuits.pdf
    44. Patrick Beith - Complete 40 Yard Dash Training.pdf
    45. Pavel Tsatsouline - RKC Ladder.pdf
    46. Rachel Cosgrove - Best Shape of Your Life.pdf
    47. Robert Dos Remedios - 10 Things I See in the Gyms Today.pdf
    48. Ryan Lee - Time Saving Workouts.pdf
    49. Steve Shafley - Frugal Training.pdf
    50. Steven Holt - The Routine That Worked Wonders.pdf
    51. Susan Hill - The Power to Change.pdf
    52. TC Luoma - Corn-Fed Blubber.pdf
    53. TC Luoma - Heart of the Matter.pdf
    54. Todd Hamer - Coaching.pdf
    55. Tony Gentilcore - The Question.pdf
    56. Tony Reynolds -LevelOneWorkout.pdf
    57. Zach Even-Esh - Outdoor Fitness.pdf
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    i'm confused.. how do you read the articles on a cd?

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    CDs don't just store audio files. You can store a massive amount of written files. All of the articles are stored in pdf format on the CD, I'm assuming to keep costs as low as possible.

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    ohhh its for the computer.. sorry i wasnt thinking lol.

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    Haha it's all good man.

    I just posted a list of the articles.

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    Got a CD burner so you can make us all copies?
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    Send $25 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and sure, I'll make a copy.

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    I'm still waiting on my copy to arrive. I don't actually care if the cd is in pieces when I get it either, I'll just donate again.

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    I purchased it also.....I am excited to see whatit has on it. I am a teacher so I will have all summer to read all the articles. Buy one good info plus its for a good cause.

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