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Thread: I hate curling in the squat rack!! And other fun things...

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    I hate curling in the squat rack!! And other fun things...

    Today was leg day and I had to wait 10 minutes because all the squat racks were taken up by people curling in them. I asked if they could curl elsewhere and I got looks of disgust. WTF? And the squat rack on the end was being occupied by a guy doing an SLDL/RDL hybrid weird, jerky exercise with a very rounded back. friend is a huge guy and he got kicked out of the gym as a personal trainer because he wasn't "teaching the clients correctly". He was teaching them *gasp* compound lifts. God forbid people actually get stronger, as opposed to the yoga ball and 5 pound dumbbell workouts my gym has all day long. Also...he went to another gym and got kicked out of there too because they accused of him of "doing nothing but bringing his 'friends' there to work out". Um...he was bringing customers to go work out in a place to work out. It sounds like they were discriminating against muscle-heads because all his friends are bodybuilders. My buddy is even a bodybuilder and he took first place a few competitions ago. He's about 5'6 and has 19 inch arms cold. He is "assisted", but who cares? If people want to kick someone out because they "lift too much weight" and are "scaring the customers", that is asinine. I look around and see nobody bothered by it. They seem more in awe when he's screaming like the hulk while declining 550 pounds. Whatever.

    So now my buddy is starting his own gym that opens in June that will be tailored exclusively to "scary muscle-heads", so I'm assuming there will be plenty of squat racks and various other fun things. I'm going to cancel my membership at this idiot gym and go to the new gym where most curl jockeys will fear to tread and I will gladly workout beside freakishly huge people.
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