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Thread: working the same muscles twice

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    working the same muscles twice

    What works better, working your major muscle groups (chest, back, legs, shoulder) twice a week or just once?
    It seems like training a mucsle group twice a week would actually help out, but I could be wrong.

    Should I do this or does it work better to only work on a muscle group once a week?

    What are your results with both?

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    It just depends on your recovery time. I have no set time frame for working certain muscle groups, I go by how my body feels. Sometimes I may work the same musle group every 3 days. Other times it might be every 9 days.
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    I've done both and my body reacts to just about anything. I did very well with working out 2(same body part) a week.

    But in I changed to once a week and my results have been extrodinary. That is me . I think it mainly deals with rest. Your diet and rest is what makes you grow the most. The recovery time for each person is different and it matters what your obdy type is(Mesomorph(like myself)), ectomorph or endomorph.

    But usually most go to the gym workout extremely hard and give their bodys time to recover.

    that just my opinion...
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    It'll vary from person to person, but I think once a week would be a good place to start.

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    3 times per week for me.
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    It depends on the overall routine and on your recovery ability (along with diet, sleep, age, etc, etc.) It also depends on your goals.

    I know folks who thrive on training full body 3x a week, and I know folks who train each bodypart once every 10 days.

    As long as you progress, you'll be OK.
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