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Thread: Heavy bag usage?

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    Heavy bag usage?

    Anyone else use a heavy bag for cardio/weight training? What are your routines on them?

    I can usually go full force combo punching for about 2-3 minutes before I am totally tired..


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    I used to use them when I was kickboxing. Great workout.

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    I use mine once a week for cardio. I used to use it more often, but I started sprinting. I'd combine hitting the bag, shadow boxing, and in place defensive "hopping." I'd combine the three in a non stop routine however I wanted. I'd hit the bag for a few minutes until I was tired, then do the less strenuous hopping for a few minutes while I recharged, then I'd shadow box, then hit the bag, etc. Just mix it up based on how tired you are.
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    I like to work out for about 30 minutes at a time on the heavy bag. I combine punches, kicks, and elbows, and occasionally work with kali sticks. My routine is to workout high intensity till I'm tired, then slow things down some for a few minutes, then back at it high intensity. To slow things down I intersperse bobbing, weaving, ducking, blocking, and other avoidance techniques with jumping rope--usually 6-10 30-second "rounds." Gives you a chance to catch your breath, and the rope works your calves and the avoidance moves help your reflexes. Toward the end I substitute pushups and crunches to slow it down even more because I'm usually pretty exhausted by then.
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    I use mine for about fifteen minutes at a shot. Takes a lot of endurance. I like to polish off my workout with that. By the end, I am absolutely BEAT!
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