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Thread: WBB1 Routine your thoughts!

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    WBB1 Routine your thoughts!


    Im thinking of trying the WBB1 routine. I have been out of training for 2 month and have totaly been of diet and evrything, so its time to start from square 1.

    I was thinking of using the WBB1 routine for about 8 weeks, has any 1 used this routine and what results did u get from it?

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    there's a reason why it's a sticky.

    good luck.

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    Used it for 4 months this year and gained about 20 lbs (4 of fat, 16 of LBM). I'm a satisfied customer. You just gotta make sure that you push it hard since there are only 2 sets of each exercise, there's no holding back.
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    Why limit your time on WBB1? Just use it until it stops working, then modify it until it does.

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    okay so if u want to use wwb1 u need to no its a good routine. any 1 can tell u that.

    ...It's a nice program. Covers all the essentials. If you're a newbie, it's definitely a good place to start.
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