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Thread: deadlift form / back question

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    deadlift form / back question

    I'm pretty new to weightlifting in general, but am getting the hang.
    I did my first like heavy deadlift workout like 2 days ago and i think maybe i was doing something wrong. My lower back hurt like at the time and straight after, which made me question it as i thought u were only meant to get delayed pain rly. 2 days later and the pain feels like DOMS sort of but could well not be. its a relatively similar pain.
    I mentioned it to a physio i know and she said its not meant to hurt like that, and its because your not using your "tummy muscles" :P properly.
    I was like :S because i didnt know about this. can anyone give advice on form and how to use abs effectively?

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    Flex your entire core when you start to move the weight. Look FORWARD and keep your back as tight as you can. If you're new to deadlifts than keep to the lighter weight until you get your form down and feel comfortable with your lifts.
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    With me, my legs were very stong but my back was not. I'm just now starting to get to where my back doesn't have serious DOMS after deadlifting. Keep at it, it IS more than likely DOMS, and when your back catches up to your legs, you will be well balanced and ready to really get some strength.
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    yah my legs are stronger than my upperbody as a whole i think, so my back will have to catch up.
    But i will watch my form more next time, thanks for tips ^ ^

    when i recover from slight tear calf -.-
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    Tim - 17yo - 5' 8.4" / 162lb

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