I'm still new to the whole weightlifting thing.
After my first workout I got tendonitis in both my arms. Since then I have taken it much slower and kept a neat diary of how I've been progressing.

I started on supplements (creatine and protein) about 1 month ago. I have seen some good growth. I've had no injuries since my tendonitis and no fatigue the day after. Ok some days I feel just a little tired in certain areas - but not often. I assume the creatine is doing part of it's job.

But recently I've had a really bad pain in the front of my shoulder, I have been told it is my rotator cuff. It hurts to lift my left arm and to rotate it. When I was doing a shoulder/upperback exercise I heard a noise in my left arm, like a snapping sound. I didn't know whether it was a bone clicking or what. I couldn't do any more reps but it didn't hurt really, it felt "odd" but not particularly painful. I woke up the next morning and my arm was in alot of pain. I put it down to the fact that I'd had 3 injections that day (for Tetanus, Polio and Diptheoria) and I'd had them 1 year early because I'm going on holiday and I need them - the nurse said because I'm having them early I will get a pain in the arm., it will last 24 hours. So today I wake up and it's just as bad.

Do I keep doing light exercise or do I stop exercise completely in this area?

It seems the more I move it the less it hurts, if I just stop moving it then when I do move it it really hurts.

In the past, doing the same exercise with the same weight, I felt a slight pain in my right shoulder area but it didn't last. The next day I felt fine, infact after I'd finished it didn't "hurt" for longer that 10 minutes. It was a very similar pain. I put it down to a slight tear in the muscle. My shoulders have been growing the best IMO - atleast I'm moving up the weights much quicker with this part of my body that any other.

Advice anyone?