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Thread: Do you recommend WBB (Atlarge Supps) to people?

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    Do you recommend WBB (Atlarge Supps) to people?

    I'm just wondering. Lately ppl have been coming up to me at the gym, friends and family members even hairstylists, lol asking for workout advice and what not, and i'm not the type of person that would sit there and just start talking especially when i'm lifting(first, i don't think i'm qualified to be giving out advice second, io'm a snob). So I just reffer them to WBB forums and recommend to get their supps from Atlarge ( mind you i've never tried any of the atlarge supps). I don't know if these ppl sign up or just lurk, if there's a sudden jump in number of newbs im partly to blame.
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    Yes I do. I tell them its the only products I buy. Some people listen some people don't. As long as I can buy them I'm fine.
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    I tell them from my experiences, ON Whey protein is the absolute best bang for the buck. I tell them if they have a little more money to try Nitrean and/or other ALN products.
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    If the topic comes up, I'll reccomend it. I once told a GNC guy what protein supp I use....he wasn't too pleased.

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    If people ask I'll tell them about ALN stuff, but I've only had one person ever ask. He did order some Nitrean and Opticen so that was nice, but no one bugs me at the gym.
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    i always recommend them. almost everytime i wear one of my ALN shirts to the gym somebody will ask.

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    If the topic of supps comes up I pimp At Large, especially Nitrean. I've been using it, I love it, and I've given tubs of Nitrean as gifts twice. I wouldn't recommend something I hadn't tried.
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    I always suggest ALN, but everytime I say that I use an ALN supplement people usually say "I've never heard of that brand, I don't know if I trust them." When I was talking to one of my friends about creatine he said "keep taking your 'brand X' creatine." He rather enjoy his $45 Super Citrus Berry Cluster**** Blast ethyl ester nonsense.
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    I would but I don't talk to people.

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    I recommend Nitrean but that's about it. The other things Nitor or ETS are useful if you dont mind some of the drawbacks so I just dont say anything unless they ask specifically (for energy or recovery) and then i explain both sides, I think some still buy up ALN so it all works out. But Nitrean is the only protein powder I can use, the rest is just bleh
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    Frequently, because they work better than others that I've tried in my experience.
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    Yup, my roommate buys Nitrean now. He used to eat Wal-mart brand..
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    I do it any chance I get. The knowledge I have gained from this site has significantly changed my life for the better.

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    ETS. All day baby. i've sent a few people over.
    Namely cause I'm a pessimistic cynic so when someone hears a positive recommendatin they're all over it.
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    I recommend Nitrean when a "bro" asks what supps I take.
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    I've mentioned the site to alot of people at work.
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    i have gotten a few people from my gym to try nitrean and they loved it!
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    Not the supps because it's highly unlikely anyone would be keen enough to order them to Australia. If anyone ever asks me where I learnt what I know or even asks for advice usual response is "Umm, not sure I'm really qualified to answer but go to and read the articles then the forums! it's solid"
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    I've refered a few members of WBB, and I'm on one nightstand finder style site that I've had alot of chats with fitness about people and I've recomended them here. I've never tried the supps, and I AM planning too when I've cleared a few CC bills lol.

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    I just noticed this thread.

    First, thank you to all of the people that recommend us.

    Second, just to clarify, there are virtually no negative side effects associated with ETS.

    People at the gym(s) do ask me, and I always feel funny telling them I am the co-owner.

    On a final note, the person that mentioned someone saying they had not heard of us, therefore they were not sure if they trusted us, made an interesting point on social psychology. When you look at what some of the better known supplement companies out there sell and claim, it is almost amusing to think that people "trust" them because they have enough money to advertise on a massive scale.

    Don't get me wrong, I understand it, it is just interesting to me and a bit frustrating because they could buy from us and get highly effective, high quality products. We are really the company they should trust...

    Anyway, it is about building the business and we have done so and will continue to do so. Again, to all of those who recommend us, thank you so very much!

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    Nitrean and the multivitamin I take daily. I'd recommend it to anyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RBB View Post
    almost everytime i wear one of my ALN shirts to the gym somebody will ask.
    Haha, that's cuz you're f'in jacked bro. If you wore a "I got big by eating baby seals!" shirt people would ask you where good seal hunting grounds are.

    FYI this is by no means a seal clubbing promotional post. We all know Pam Anderson would personally protest such a thing and nobody wants Pam showing up at your house with a haltertop and a picketing sign, right?
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