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Thread: Uneven Chest

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    Uneven Chest

    I have a chronic dislocation in my right shoulder. Apparently it's affected my lifting, because my pecs are uneven, where my right one is a lot lower than the left one.
    For chest workouts I do bench, incline, decline, and butterflies.

    What should I do to even them out?

    It's easier to show with a picture
    Not flexing



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    Just keep lifting untill you are huge.

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    I don't think anyone would notice unless you pointed it out. I'm still having a hard time seeing it. Were they uneven before? I think you should add some more mass to your chest and not worry about it. They look fine. Don't worry about it.
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    Mmm... Nipples....

    There seems to be an influx of nipple pics lately. If anyone is curious... I can't tell if one nipple of mine is higher than the other. When I look down at 'em all I see are these massive pecs.

    That is all.
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