Ugh.. I'm finally able to devote a lot of time and concentration into lifting now that school is done with. I go into the Y today to do Day 2 on BGB, which is quads, so I'm psyched to squat. So I get there, and there is an older guy shrugging in the squat rack. Ok whatever, figure I'll just wait til he's done. He finishes his set of shrugs, then goes over to a bench to do lat pullovers. Hm, ok. So after he finishes I go over and ask if I can sneak in a few sets of squats.

He says no, essentially. He goes, "Oh I'm almost finished then it's yours." This steamed me a bit, but whatever he was there first. So he goes back, does another set of shrugs, comes back does more lat pullovers. Then goes over and starts unloading the weight off the bar. I was like.. awesome.. he's done. Nope. Picks up the empty bar and starts doing tricep presses behind the head with it. At this point my jaw was just on the floor as to why people do this.