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    I'm starting this journal with the hope that those of you with tons of experience will critique it in every way in order to help me become a healthier person. I've been training and dieting for about a month, and I'm seeing changes in the mirror and on the scale. I first found this site about a week ago, and I've already learned tons of very helpful things, and talked to a few very helpful people. I'm going to list my goals here and will do my best to update the journal every day if possible with my diet and workout results. PLEASE, if anyone sees something I'm doing wrong, or would just like to give a suggestion, please feel free.

    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 237 lbs
    % Body Fat: 24% (approximately)
    Weight: 180
    % Body Fat: 8%

    Diet (2/25/02)
    M1: 4 slices Turkey Bacon
    2 Eggs
    2 cups Milk
    M2: 8oz. Yogurt
    M3: 6oz. Tuna
    M4: (Pre-workout)
    35g Whey
    1 pack oatmeal
    2 Cups Milk
    M5: 1 Chicken Breast
    1 Cup Rice
    Totals: Cal:2066, Pro:208, Fat:48, Carb:189

    Chest: Dumbell Press 50X8X4
    Flat Bench Dumbell Flyes 30X12X3
    Cable Crossovesrs 50X11X2
    Back: Seated Cable Rows 70X8X4
    Widegrip Front Pulldowns 60X11X3
    Cross-Bench Dumbell Pullover 25X12X2
    Hyperextension III 15X2
    Abs: Hanging Leg Raises 10
    Hanging Knee Tucks 20
    Flutter Kicks 20
    Incline Sit-Ups 20
    Bicycle Crunches 20X2
    Side Crunches 20, 25
    Sleep: 7.5 hours (not a very restful night)

    That's it for Monday,
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