Sounds good,
It's not really a problem, but she wants to cook sometimes, and I plan all my meals ahead of time, and she never knows what I'm planning on eating. I guess I could post my daily meal plan every morning, and that way if she's home and wants to make dinner she can, and if not I'll make it when I get home. But it's not anything that will put any kind of serious strain on our relationship. I don't mind getting fresh veggies, in fact I prefer them, but I have a problem with not cooking them, and then they spoil. I hate that. Plus I don't buy things like asparugus and snow peas, but I can get them in those frozen veggie packs. I'll look into getting them fresh though. I would like to find a good recipe using eggplant. I really like eggplant, but I've never cooked it. Plus, there are things that I eat all the time, that I'm really getting bored with. You have seen examples of my diet. It basically looks the same everyday. I can't eat cottage cheese and flax everyday like Tryska. I have to have some variety man. I'm eating tuna for lunch tomorrow and orange ruffie for dinner, but I ate so much of that a few weeks ago, that I got really tired of it.